Featured Attractions

Robo Crash

Dreaming to be the fiendish villain in a car chase? 

Winter Wonderland Snow Town

Experience the pure joy of playing in the snow all year long.

Molly-Cool’s Swing

Are you brave enough to take on the rough seas? 

Arcade Games

Need to calm your nerves after an adrenaline-filled session? 

Fantasy Trail

All aboard for a scenic tour of the theme park & enjoy the magical scenery on this adorable ride. 

Bubbles Express

Bubbles Express speeds up to 17 rounds per minute.

7D Xperia

Immerse yourself into a world where every frame sparks excitement.

Botanic Drive

Hop on to our Safari Jeep & hang on tight as this colourful vehicle takes the family on a leisurely tour throughout Fantasy Garden.

Supersonic Odyssey

For those looking for a thrill of a lifetime, there is no better ride than the Supersonic Odyssey.