Featured Attractions

Zoofari Animal Ride

Come and experience our Zoo-fari bionic animal rides. 

DNA Mixer

A crazy gondola that loops forward and backward while tilting from side to side.

The Fantasy Labyrinth

Experience the FIRST and the LARGEST Crochet Playground in Malaysia.

7D Xperia

Immerse yourself into a world where every frame sparks excitement.

Terry’s Carnival Games

Play mini games here and take home prizes at Terry's Carnival Games!

Kidz Playground

Kidz Playground is the perfect place of endless fun for the younger ones!

Flying Bumble Bee

Take a ride on one of our giant bees & join the swarm as they buzz around their nest.

Haunted House

Experience a terrifying, scream worthy walk as you come face-to-face with your deepest darkest fears.

Urban Strike Force

A brand new & environmentally friendly way to blast your stress away.