Cosmo Theater

The dream maker theater is where your imagination turns into reality. Create your very own avatar and see it come alive. The theater also lets you showcase all your creativity in the hall of dreams.

Ooops’ Playhouse

Step into a world where fantasy and reality become one. Experience enchanting moment and interact with the fantasy world. Watch the characters come alive when you play with them.

Ooorts’ Super Run

Wave, run, jump! Do whatever it takes to help Professor Cosmo, Ooort, and Ooops escape through obstacles and to the finishing line. Challenge your family and friends and be the record holder as the galaxy fastest!

Fantasy Trail

All aboard for a scenic tour of the theme park & enjoy the magical scenery on this adorable ride. Be the train conductor & lead the group on an epic discovery of Fantasy Garden & Galaxy Station.

Molly-Cool’s Swing

Are you brave enough to take on the rough seas? Feel the wind in your face as you take a swing on Molly-Cool’s Swing and experience a sailor’s life for yourself! Scream your lungs out for a swing of your life.

Honey Bump

Have the need for speed? Chase or be chased as you & your friends go around the circuit with the Honey Bump. Be sure to buckle up as you’ll be having a bumping good time.

Flying Bumble Bee

Take a ride on one of our giant bees & join the sward as they buzz around their nest. Have a buzzing good time enjoying the scenery of Fantasy Garden from a different height.

Buddy Go Round

Go round around the merry-go-round with the inhabitants of Fantasy Garden. Make sure to stop & smile for mom & dad snapping photos away at the side.

Crazy Bus

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Climb on board for an exhilarating experience on the Crazy Bus as it goes up & down on an accelerating journey.

Botanic Drive

Hop on to our Safari Jeep & hang on tight as this colourful vehicle takes the family on a leisurely tour throughout Fantasy Garden.

Kidz Playground

Kidz Playground is another place of restless fun for the younger ones!

The Fantasy Labyrinth

Experience the FIRST and the LARGEST Crochet Playground in Malaysia.

The Fantasy Labyrinth in Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is a colourful cool cocoon shaped crochet playground for kids to climb, socialise and play freely.

With its unique shape and bold colours, the Fantasy Labyrinth is sure to captivate and stir imagination from the kids ensuring an all-day fun at the park.

Fantasy Games

Play mini games here and win yourself some prizes home!

Zoofari Fun Ride

Come and experience our Zoo-fari bionic animal rides. Enjoy the excitement while touring in our Fantasy Garden at level 7.