Supersonic Odyssey


For those looking to prove their worth as a true blue adrenaline junkie, there is no better ride than the Supersonic Odyssey. It is Asia-Pacific’s longest multiple-inverted roller coaster that is 800 meters long & runs at a top speed of 80KM/H.

Spinning Orbit


Want to know how a plant feels like spinning around the sun? How about challenging your friends to walk in a straight line after this ride? The Spinning Orbit sits 48 passengers and takes riders up to 30 meters above ground while rotating at 10 rounds per minute!

Ooorts’ Express


Ooorts’ Express is capable of speeding up to 17 rounds per minute. So be sure to throw your hands up in the air as this whacky adrenaline junkie version of a traditional merry-go-round takes you for a speeding ride.

Dizzy Izzy


Get Dizzy with Izzy on the Dizzy Izzy ride! A spinning, spider-like machine that calls for 40 passengers to join in on a spin of a lifetime.

Cosmo Climb

Challenge yourself in the Cosmo Climb to be the best climber in the galaxy. There are 3 exciting themes for you to complete at different difficulty levels.

Robo Crash


Always dreaming to be the fiendish villain in a car chase? Here’s your chance to enjoy the fun inflatable bumper car with your friends. With the new build-in shooting device, you can now shoot at your friends’ car and make them spin for more fun!

Beat Saber

Live now, play the future.

Cosmic Games


Play mini games here and win yourself some prizes home!

Arcade Games


Need to calm your nerves? Does your adrenaline kick in when there’s competition? Whatever your reason, take your pick at the latest arcade games & leave your mark as the highest scorer.