Arcade Games

Need to calm your nerves after an adrenaline-filled session? 

Bubbles Express

Bubbles Express speeds up to 17 rounds per minute.

Dizzy Izzy

Get Dizzy Izzy on this ride! An elevated spinning, spider-like machine that calls for 40 passengers to join in on a spin of a lifetime.

Haunted House

Experience a terrifying, scream worthy walk as you come face-to-face with your deepest darkest fears.

Robo Crash

Dreaming to be the fiendish villain in a car chase? 

Spinning Orbit

Want to know how a plant feels like spinning around the sun?

Supersonic Odyssey

For those looking for a thrill of a lifetime, there is no better ride than the Supersonic Odyssey.

Terry’s Carnival Games

Play mini games here and take home prizes at Terry's Carnival Games!

Urban Strike Force

A brand new & environmentally friendly way to blast your stress away. 

World’s First Waterless Aquarium

Enter a space built on technological innovations of the 21st Century for a brand new sensorial experience unlike any other with an array of holographic projections set amidst the soothing backdrop of river and marine life.

Zoofari Animal Ride

Come and experience our Zoo-fari bionic animal rides.