Terry’s Carnival Games

Play mini games here and take home prizes at Terry's Carnival Games!

The Fantasy Labyrinth

Experience the FIRST and the LARGEST Crochet Playground in Malaysia.

Kidz Playground

Kidz Playground is the perfect place of endless fun for the younger ones!

Botanic Drive

Hop on to our Safari Jeep & hang on tight as this colourful vehicle takes the family on a leisurely tour throughout Fantasy Garden.

Crazy Bus

Ready for an adrenaline rush? 

Buddy Go Round

Go round around the merry-go-round with the inhabitants of Fantasy Garden. 

Flying Bumble Bee

Take a ride on one of our giant bees & join the swarm as they buzz around their nest.

Honey Bump

Do you have the need for speed? 

Molly-Cool’s Swing

Are you brave enough to take on the rough seas? 

Fantasy Trail

All aboard for a scenic tour of the theme park & enjoy the magical scenery on this adorable ride.